Taiwan – Places We Go Series 11, Episode 1
Taiwan – Places We Go Series 11, Episode 2

Exploring Taiwan

Check out the tea farms of Hualien County, Taiwan 
Spend an afternoon with the Pisirian Tribe on the cost in Taitung
The top things to do on Green Island
take a tour of Toroko National Park
local guide Kelly takes us on a tour of Taipei’s old-town markets
A magical afternoon with Dive Master “Vincent”
If you had a week in Taiwan…

Behind the scenes

Jen’s Blog

  • On the back of our trip to Taiwan, we have been met with so many questions about the destination. It has been obvious it is new to many people – just as it was to us. Sure, they’ve all heard of it. But considered it......

  • Green Island is an old-school tropical island holiday spot. No high-rises, no fancy holiday resorts, or fine dining restaurants, and never did I see a holiday trinket for sale. That is its beauty. Its slow pace matches the tropical humidity in the air; the locals......

  • Who has been to Taiwan or thought about going? Not one person I know has. I’m almost at the end of my trip here and I want to give you five reasons why I absolutely love it (apart from the fact that it is ONLY......