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Rachel Davey


Currently I am on a big adventure to visit every country in the world.  I hope to inspire women and show them that everyday women can achieve extraordinary things!

I’ve been working in the travel industry for most of my life. Previous roles included tour guiding, on-road chef in Europe for a coach tour company, travel writer and travel sales expert.

When I’m not travelling, you can find me chasing the sun, chowing down on the best eats around Melbourne or writing articles for my food and travel blog! I love cooking and exploring food markets around the world. I like hitting the gym, running and practising yoga to keep fit. I’m happiest with a good bottle of red wine, a cheese board and some friends to share them with.

What is it about Taiwan that has captured my interest…

I’ve heard that Taiwanese cuisine is delicious, so I am really looking forward to this. I’ve heard that the beaches and the coral reefs are fantastic and the mountain trails are full of wildlife. This is perfect, I love all of these things.

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Curtis Goding

New South Wales

I am a final year veterinary science student, studying at The University of Sydney. I spend my months bustling between different clinics but have managed to sneak in some travel in between.

Before reaching the pointy end of my degree I sought endless distractions from my studies in the performing arts. I’ve sung with big band jazz ensembles, bopped away in my fair share of musicals and pretended I could play piano.

My dog, Pumba, and new (evil) kitty, Scar, keep me occupied at home and if I’m not there (which is often) you can send search parties to some of the best Thai and Vietnamese restaurants in Sydney where my girlfriend and I can be found inevitably in a food coma.

What is it about Taiwan that has captured my interest…

My favourite part about traveling around an island is that everything changes so quickly. In Taiwan, it takes around 8 hours to drive around the whole island – I want to experience the bustle of Taipei after breaky, climb to mountain temples by lunch, dip into some hot-springs at dusk and spend my evening at one of many night markets. And that’s just one day.

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Top 5 destinations visited…

1. Thailand: This country has It all.  Beautiful beaches, cool cities and sleepy villages. The best part for me is the incredible food, the warm climate and the Thai people.

2. Mexico: Mexicans love to have fun in life! Always surrounding themselves with lots of colours, fiestas and food. My kind of place.

3. Iran: The most welcoming people I have ever encountered, not to mention the architecture is magnificent and the cuisine is superb.

4. Italy: Great food, great coffee, great life. This country is gorgeous and I love how the food changes in each region too.

5. Bhutan: A gorgeously green country. The people are very warm, the food is great and the scenery is stunning.

Why I love travelling…

I love the spontaneity of discovering new places, meeting new people, learning about different cultures and more than anything – I love tasting new cuisines.  I admit it, I’m a total food lover and I’m always searching for that next meal or street food snack in a new country. It always makes me smile…and if it’s REALLY GOOD, it even makes me dance! You never stop learning about yourself and others when you travel and I think life experience is the best education you can get.

The best travel tip I have picked up…

1. Ask a local (such as a taxi driver/hotel receptionist) where you can find the best food. Ask his recommendation for affordable local food, where locals eat (not tourists). Perhaps somewhere he would eat with his friends or family, it always works for me.

2. Wear a smile and always pack a positive attitude.

Top 5 destinations visited…

1. Blue Lagoon, Iceland: All of Iceland is otherworldly, but the lava fields and silica infused waters of the famed “Blue Lagoon” will top my list for years to come.

2. Udaipur, India: The “City of Lakes” (also known as Venice of the East) is colourful and charismatic, with a quiet charm that distinguishes it from the hullabaloo of other Indian cities.

3. Mt. Cook National Park, New Zealand (South Island): After a metre of snow falls overnight, the winding valley trek to Mt. Cook and the frozen lake at its base, was unforgettable.

4. Luang Prabang, Laos: Lost in time, Luang Prabang is a fusion of world heritage Buddhist tranquillity and the best the French can offer in food, drink and architecture.

5. Honeymoon Bay, Australia: Arguably the most romantic cove in Australia, Honeymoon Bay’s crystal waters, mountain views and perfect shape, are tucked away within Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park.

Why I love travelling…

My ability to travel gifts me the opportunity to experience different. As a Sydney-sider, I know bush, beaches, barbies, cafes and the world’s best harbour (uncontested). But now I’ve climbed glaciers, glided above rice fields, spotted leopards and been dazzled by the full glory of the Milky Way, all the while swapping stories with fast friends and planning our next escape.

The best travel tip I have picked up…

Compartmentalise! If you work hard to get away, you shouldn’t waste time reorganising your life mid trip or struggle to find your trusty bamboo socks (just me?). Bags inside bags, inside bigger bags is the only way.

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